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Dog Joint Care – Help & Guidance

Worn and tired joints affect animals just as they do humans. As your pet ages, their joints will naturally stiffen, causing discomfort and restricted mobility. Excessive pressure on the joints can also be a result of genetic conditions such as hip dysplasia, and physical injuries like damage to the cruciate ligament.

Symptoms of stiff joints and discomfort:

  • Unwillingness to run, jump, or play
  • Hobbling/ strained walking
  • Reduced pace when walking
  • A struggle to stand up from lying down
  • Crying and yelping when touched
  • Avoiding being touched and stroked

It is sad to comprehend, but if your pet is “stiff”, then they are most likely suffering in pain.


Animals can suffer from joint pain for a whole variety of reasons, just like us. Joint surfaces are covered with protective cartilage, and as this is worn away that is when problems unfold. The natural wear damages exposed bones and as the body naturally attempts to repair the bone, overgrowths develop adding more pressure, more damage and more pain.

A cause of increased pain is also fluid pressure inside the joint, i.e. in bad weather, joints in people and animals will become more stiff and sore. The joint tissues are allowed to swell due to a drop in atmospheric pressure (nothing to do with the cold or the rain).

Joint problems can contribute to other health issues for animals. Increased joint pain leads to decreased mobility, which results in ligaments and tendons weakening and muscle wastage. Joints rely on muscle tone for support, so if it is diminished the joint will then experience abnormal pressure, i.e. more wear. This cycle of pain and decay will dramatically hinder your pet’s mobility, and if left unchecked can result in irreversible damage and suffering.


Certain nutrition is vital for joints. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are the key nutrients associated with joint health. Glucosamine is a natural supplement which provides the essential building blocks of tissue in joints. Young animals naturally produce Glucosamine from their diet, especially as they grow. However, as they age the production of Glucosamine decreases and stops. It is important to start maintaining joint health with supplements of Glucosamine HCI and Chondroitin.

The problem at the moment is that this is where joint supplements begin… and end! As much as these structural nutrients are vital, they are limited at addressing the pain and distress caused by joint decay. This means that most of the problems remain unresolved.

For your pet to fully benefit from joint health, you need to ensure they are comfortable and not in any pain.


The best way to improve joint comfort is to focus on reducing the inflammation in the joint. Supplements like salmon oil and Green-Lipped Mussel contain the Omega 3, EPA, which goes a long way to soothing aching joints. A unique Omega 3, called ETA can also be found in Green-Lipped Mussel. It has incredibly affective anti-inflammatory effects, and is renowned for improving joint comfort. This, in turn, improves your pet mobility and muscle tone, that’s why Green-Lipped Mussel is so valuable for your pet’s overall health.


Synovial fluid protects the joints from impact, and aids flexibility by ensuring the surface of the joint remains lubricated. It is then vital for maintaining overall joint mobility. As your pet gets older, this lubrication begins to thin and decrease, meaning there is less natural protection for their joints. This lack of lubrication and protection means joints can become inflamed and more painful. Synovial fluid consists largely of Hyaluronic Acid, and when more is provided it thickens the fluid. The thicker the fluid the better, as it provides more protection and aids flexibility and mobility. It is so affective that the Synovial fluid is known to thicken within 2 hours of your pet taking this supplement.

Free radicals are created during increased pressure and exercise. It is important to control these as, over time, they can cause damage to the joint and decrease mobility. YUMOVE contains antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E, which can assist in clearing up free radicals.

All of these key nutrients are carefully formulated into YUMOVE to provide the best possible levels for joint health. For more information on how YUMOVE could help your pet's joints, please click here.